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who I am


Francesca Albano

I study biomedical engineering, I consider myself an analytical person but able to interface on different fields and roles.

In the meantime, I work as a web developer and this has led me to study different programming languages.

I also have an innate passion for scientific divulgation. I consider information the most powerful weapon nowadays and knowledge stimulates that curiosity that seems to have faded so much.

Currently I collaborate with two projects, with a social footprint and dedicated to women, and where we create low-cost 3D printed prostheses.

I participate at events, conferences and any form of human knowledge that allows me to feel part of a network of professionals and non-professionals, of the biomedical and scientific world in general.

But science is not my only passion! I read many books but also practiced different sports. I have practiced Athletics at a national competitive level for 7 years and karate at an amateur level.

Now I dedicate myself to climbing, yoga and swimming without ever giving up on my bike rides!

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